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Foot Worship
Foot Worship



Fetishism is one thing which I consider very important and one of the techniques applied at my school. We could say that it's the doorway to the infinite world of S/M.

There are many people who call themselves fetishists, without yet having discovered the many pleasures of sadomasochism, or even afraid of such a world, not approached due to ignorance. Fetishism is surrounded by a status of elegance and non-aberrance which makes it accessible to everyone.

Today, advertising, film, TV and live shows, recur to fetishism as an important part of commercialization. It's accepted by a majority of people and you could even say that it is fashionable.




Fetishism covers a wide range of techniques, depending on each individuals fetish, mine are numerous. There are dress fetishes, of specific clothes. Accessory fetishes. Body fetishes.

One of my favourite is, foot worshipping. I like watching my slaves infront of me, stroking my feet with their tongues, sometimes bare, sometimes fitted with stilettos, booties, boots or even well worn out sneakers.

Come in my dears, to these pages of fetish, specially prepared for you. And explore them like one would when penetrating a wonderful world of the unknown ...

I shall see you at my feet.

Dómina Zara: +34 686 405095


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