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Domina Zara

Who is Dómina Zara?

This is the most personal section of my website. Here you will find out more about me, the letter I receive, the answers I give and naturally my photographs

Dómina Zara® is a dream. There is no better definition. Dómina Zara® lives in a very different world. A world where she is superior and we, who adore her, are nothing but beings who live for and through her in order to fulfill any wish of hers, attend the tiniest call and satisfy any of her desires. This world of dreams exists at any time Dómina Zara® chooses. 

Any time SHE receives any of us with her magnanimity, any time SHE feels the need to see slaves at her feet. But this world only becomes real on those special occasions, as real as any of our dreams. Real because we live it so intensely, feeling pleasure, fear, happiness or pain. But it is all over in a short instant, leaving us the feeling of having experienced something impossible, magic and, we know, unreal. But we keep the authentic feelings, those will live forever in our memory and our lives. 


When somebody, finally, meets Dómina Zara®, it is as if you started to travel towards the dreams, but we continue to be conscious of every detail, thus making the sensations even more intense and they will, therefore, last longer. In Dómina Zara® there are two persons living in perfect harmony. One of them would be the ideal best friend, but we will not talk about her, but of the other half, the one that appears solely with permission of the other. The one that lives in the dream world. If we had to look for parallels we would talk about the actor and his part. Of course, nobody would mistake the actor for the character that he represents during the function or the feature film, but in the very moment when he performs the part, we only see the part. A real Mistress can not hide in the shadows, she has to be admired, venerated and adored in her full splendor, she can not take away her fantastic appearance from her slaves. 

And though the most important is her interior self, her feelings, her thoughts and her sensations, there is something else very important that should not be forgotten: The paraphernalia that surrounds any Mistress: leather, latex, PVC, high heels, spurs, whips... Anything, in fact, that enhances the superiority she wears within. But, watch out, in this case the dress doesn't make a king, and the simple use of these symbols and fetishes doesn't but convert who uses them without feeling, in clowns dressed up into something they don't understand nor recognize. 



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