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The dirty boots of Mistress, Dómina Zara®


The dirty boots of Mistress, Dómina Zara, Just a rainy day in march. Goddess Dómina Zara is coming back from the moll. She was going out the whole day shopping. In a shoeshop she has buying a lovely pair of black leather thight boots. Because they fit there very good she wares the boots direkt on there way at home. But the weather is terrible and it begin to snow. The boots of Goddess Dómina Zara become very dirty and she is very pissed because of that and there is nobody to serve her to clean there boots. At there way at home Mistress, Dómina Zara become very angry and she get more pissed. When she comes home she see a white jacked at front of her door with a note on it.
As a good Mistress attemt she walked at the door and stept on this doormat and read the note. It is from slave Sjaak.
The note said. Dear Mistress, Dómina Zara, because the weather is very bad i have put my wife's new white jacked at front of your house because my Mistress deserved this. You must have all time shiny boots Mistress, Dómina Zara smiles and she thinks: very good work slave Sjaak. She looks at the jacked at it seems that it is indeed a new one. Dómina Zara looks at her boots and yes, they need indeed a cleaning.
Mistress, Dómina Zara begin to wipe there boots of on this jacked and she looks very pleased. After a minute wiping there feet on the jacked, her boots looks clean. The jacked is looking like shit and Dómina Zara smiles again, because this is good serving of slave Sjaak and she thinks "the wife off Sjaak can drop dead, he is my slave and therefore the jacked is my doormat" . At the moment she walks her house slave Sjaak comes from behind a car and walks to Dómina Zara. When Dómina Zara see Sjaak she called him : Come to me slave Sjaak.
When Sjaak enter the door he kneels and kiss Dómina Zara boots. OK, Sjaak that was very nice of you. You can take the jacked and give it back to your wife, i am done with it. Tomorrow i want a new clean jacked or pillow or T-shirt to wipe my boots on. Is that very clear Sjaak. Off course Mistress, Dómina Zara your wish is my comment. Ok, we understand each other. As a present of me to you you are now allowed to lick my boots further clean while i am reading the newspaper. Start at the bottem of my soles and lick them each for 5 minutes. They must be very shiny. When you are ready you can kiss both of my boots as a token that you come back tomorrow as my bootslave. Dont forget the doormat. OK Mistress, i love you for what you are doing to me.

Slave Sjaak



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